New Releases for May 2019

May 1, 2019

Ref.1109 West Linton Golf Pavilion, Nr Edinburgh C.1910-18 pub by Hartmann RARE PC  £52.95

Ref.1125a Cirencester Golf Pavilion C.Ea 1900s The "Cecily" Series by W.D.M & Co.              £15.99

Ref.2122a Aberdovey Golf Club House C.1910-14? pub by Gwilym Williams,Aberdovey.      £5.99

Ref.929a Tintagel Golf Links, Willapark Headland, photo by R.Youlton. MINT unposted      £6.95

Ref.2168a Knocke Zoute (Royal) Golf Club House C.Ea 1900sNear Fine unposted.                £3.99

Ref.1115 Dornoch Golf Links,Highlands.published by J.J. Johnstone, Dornoch MINT .           £55.95

Ref.2173a Littlehampton Golf Pavilion C.1905 Valentine series 41773 VG+ condn.                 £9.99

Ref.2177a Penn Common Golf Pavilion C.1910-14 MINT unused John Price & Son's.             £7.99

Ref.2171 RARE Long Ashton Golf Pavilion C.1900-10 VG+ RARE Golf PC.                             £37.99

Ref.1172 Carnoustie Links C.1905-10 Wm.Richie & Sons MINT unused.Stunning PC.            £22.99

Ref.1119 Carnoustie Links, Barry Burn & 1st Green.Wm.Richie & Sons, Reliable Series.          £22.99

Ref.2118a Ganton Golf Links C.1930? published by Ganton G.C. MINT unposted.                  £19.95

Ref.2158a Royston Heath Golf Course C.Ea 1900s pub by R.H.Clarke,Royston.Fine.               £3.95

Ref.2121a West Runton Golf Pavilion & Hotel C.1923 pub by G.L.May on F.Frith PC.              £3.99

Ref.1225 Nefyn (Morfa) & Rivals Hills C.1930s Nr MINT Valentine Series Sepeatype.             £6.99 Ref.1456a    Cromer Golf Links Dual View PC R.Tuck & Sons £10.95.Fine condn.                    £10.95

Ref.549a Glecorse Golf Links & Railway Viaduct C.Pre 1914 RARE R.R.R. Edinbro.                £24.99

Ref.597 Dumfries,Glasow,,Ayr, Turnberry Station Hotels Ad card C.1910 Nr Mint.                  £22.95

Ref.594 North Berwick West Links C.1905-14 pub by R.Tuck & Sons "Vignette Sepia"            £29.95

Ref.567a Fereneze Golf Club House,Barrhead C.1910 Murray's Levern Series.VG++.              £9.99

Ref.575 Ganton Golf Links & Club House,North Eastern Railway PC C.1903 No12.RARE      £84.95

Ref.2138a Marcus Ward Comic Golf PC C.Ea 1900s Nr Fine unposted.                                    £6.99 

Ref.595 Alnmouth Village Club & Links C.1906 North Eastern Railway PC.RARE.                 £85.95

Ref.1538 Alnmouth The"Opening" of the extended course.Vardon v Taylor Match.                £225.00

Ref.1151 Alnmouth Village Club The "Opening" of C.1905 Taylor v Vardon RARE.                £225.00

Ref.596  Ganton Golf Links C.1903 North Eastern Railway Co.Nr.Mint RARE card.               £85.95

Ref.580a Hanger Hill Golf Club House, Ealing.C.1903  VG condition.undivided back.           £4.95

Ref.2164a Appleby Golf Course C.1906 J.Whitehead & Son, on Valentine PC VG+                  £12.95

Ref.1502 Carnoustie.At the First Hole.C.1903 VG++ condition posted.                                      £19.95

Ref.2133a Hazelhead Golf Pavilion C.Ea 1930s Valentine Series Neg No 206454.                   £10.95

Ref.1592 Brancaster Golf Links C.1906 S.J Jacobs,Post Office,Brancaster VG condition.         £22.99 

Ref.2180a Newcastle County Down "Matterhorn Bunker" C.Pre 1914  Fine unused.              £23.99

Ref.1510 James Braid Golf Match Scarborough South Cliff C.Ea 1900's Queen Series.           £89.99

Ref.674 Troon Municipal Golf House & Links C.1910-14 Willie Fernie's workshop.                £13.99

Ref.673 St Andrews Links.North British Railway PC J.McCulloch series.M.Wane Edinbro.    £69.95

Ref.2152a Knebworth Golf Club House C.1912-14 W.H.Smith & Sons No.S 11732.                 £8.95

Ref.2174a East Brighton Golf Links C.1910-15 The Brighton Palace Series.VG unposted.     £13.95

Ref.2189a Le Golf Silhouettes des Ateliers.MINT unposted card from Radiana,Paris.           £7.95

Ref.2186a Comic Golf PC The Piccadilly Johnny C.1904 May Gladwin Golf PC.                     £6.99

Ref.2187a Knocke-Zoute Golf Links,Belgium.Nr MINT unused,pub by Ern.Thill.                  £6.99

Ref.2188a Le Touquet La Mer Links C.1930 Real Photographic PC VG++ Louis Levy.            £6.99

Ref.2185a Criccieth Golf Links C.Pre 1914 R.Lewelyn Maglona series,Machynlleth.              £21.95

Ref.2190a Lochgilphead Golf Course C.1909 E.M.Jamieson,Stationer.,Lochgilphead.            £17.99

Ref.2191a Elie (Golf House Club) C.1909 Wm.Richie, Reliable Series No 345/10 Nr Fine.    £9.95  Ref1972a aboyne Golf Course,Loch & "Morven"pub by Forbes L.Pirie VG+ Sepia PC.           £9.99

Ref.1792a Brodick Golf Links & par 3 16th hole Bridge.Pub by Millar & Lang.Scarce.           £5.95

Ref.1678  Brodick Golf Links 18th Green C.1930s Valentine "Phototype" Series VG++          £6.99

Ref.1973  Ben Sayers Tees off at Carnoustie C.1900-09 Valentine Series No 38857.              £24.95

Ref.1982  Grantown-on-Spey Golf Course C.1920/30 No publisher name, number 209.     £34.95







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Ref.2130a Millport Golf Links & Waterworks C.Pre 1911 pub by James Baillie VG+ condn £9.99

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