Antique Golf Postcards,New Arrivals.

November 27, 2018

After A summer Summer of searching for Interesting Golf Postcards I shall be listing

around 500 new arrivals over the coming weeks,a large number of these cards are in

superb condition,at a wide range of prices.


Ref.1604 Woolacombe Golf Links C.1947 pub by Sweetman & Son                     £4.95.

Ref.967a Brough Golf Course C.1906 A Rare Card                                               £29.95

Ref.050a Cromer Dual View Jarrold's Series Pre 1914                                          £5.95

Ref.688a Oxton Golf House (Now Wirral Ladies) C.1907 Caxton series              £7.95 

Ref.100a Wallasey.Warren Municipal Golf Club.C.1910-20 RARE original         £19.95

Ref.130a Etretat Golf Links,France C.Ea 1900 pub by Louis Levy N.83 MINT     £6.99

Ref.193 Rye (& Camber)Golf Links RARE Card C.1922 posted                             £22.95

Ref.1025a Littlestone-on-Sea Golf House C.Pre 1914 Richardson P.O.MINT      £15.95

Ref.392a  Knocke-Zoute Golf Links & Club House C.1927 Near MINT posted    £5.99

Ref.1083a RARE Royal Dublin Golf House C.Pre 1914 Acme Series VG+             £31.95

Ref.1019a Knott End Golf Pavilion pub by A.J.Evans,Preston,Rare card VG+       £14.95

Ref.1000a  Oakwood Park Golf Pavilion & Links,Conwy  C.1910 Scarce card      £12.95

Ref.1600   Knocke-Zoute Golf Links & Club House,pub by Albert Nr.Mint          £6.99                          Ref.1525  Hardelot Golf Links C/ship 1st Tee Pub by Louis Levy,Paris  MINT     £5.99

Ref.076a Harlech Golf Pavilion C.1910 ? Grosvenor Series Superb condition       £4.99

Ref.279a  Fontainebleau Golf Pavilion C.1910-15 MINT unposted condition      £5.99

Ref.277a  Monte Carlo Golf Links C.1915-18 MINT unused condition                 £5.99

Ref.907a Sandwich Golf Links.Fishermen v MPs Golf match C.1905 RARE!!       £49.95

Ref.1636 Huntly Golf Pavilion C.1909 Davidson & Son Nr MINT RARE card      £41.95

Ref.1806 Broomieknowe Golf Club "OPENING OF"  RARE! RARE!                      £154.95

Ref.1276a Melrose Ladies Golf Pavilion "Opening" 6th June 1914 RARE             £69.95

Ref.1594 Meyrick Park Golf Course w.mate & Sons,Bournemouth.Pre 1914         £10.95

Ref.183  Golf Art/Fashion PC Gladys Cooper C.1908-12                                       £7.99

Ref.1641a  Golf Art/Fashion PC Harrison Fisher,Artist C.1905                             £2.75

Ref.1739a Hugh Kirkcaldy "GOLFING" 1891 Open Champion C.1906                 £26.99

Ref.1073a  Kingussie Golf Club House & Course,M.wane & Co. Pre 1914             £22.95

Ref.944a Stranraer."Opening of the Ladies Pavilion"1906 RARE!!                         £99.99

Ref.1979 Comic Golf "Our Caddy" Set of Six Postcards 1908-19                            £35.95

Ref.1630 Girvan Municipal Golf Links C.1918-30 Sweetman.                                £15.95

Ref.1841 Walmer (& Kingsdown) Golf Links.c.1925                                                 £44.95

Ref.1804 Harlech Golf Pavilion C.1903-08 WRENCH Series MINT                        £9.99

Ref.187  Miss Marie Studholme Golf Pose.Victorian/Edwardian Actress.1908     £7.99

Ref.1071a Golf Art/Fashion PC"GOLFING" C.Pre 1914 Near MINT unposted.    £12.99

Ref.1717a Golf Art/Fashion PC"Two Up" C.1905 Reithal & Newman N.Y.            £8.99

Ref.1650 Southwold Golf Pavilion C.1910-15 W.H.Smith Kingsway Series.           £12.95

Ref.1657 Ballater Golf Pavilion C.1910-18 Caledonia series (J.McCulloch)           £13.95

Ref.133 Blatchington Golf Links (Seaford) G.C. C.1914-18 MINT condition.        £ 7.99

Ref.1745a Saltford Golf Pavilion in 1910.Founded in 1904  Nr.Fine condition.     £14.95

Ref.901 Worlington Golf Club House C.1906 (Now Royal Worlingtion) VG+        £12.99

Ref.1709a Burnham Golf Links & Berrow Church C.1910-14 Aqatini Series.        £9.99

Ref.654 Machrihanish 18th Green & Ugadale Hotel C.Ea 1900s Absolute MINT  £48.99

Ref.656 Machrihanish Golf Links 9th Tee C.Ea 1900s Absolute MINT Ra series   £48.99

Ref.655 Machrihanish Golf Links C.Ea 1900s 9th Bunker RA series MINT con.    £48.99

Ref.1691 Givan Golf Links C.1900-09 Uncommon Cameo PC VG + condition.      £8.99

Ref.1226a St Annes-on-Sea Golf Club House C.1903-08 Very Good +                   £8.99

Ref.1549 Tom Morris at St Andrews.C.1903-06  Fletcher & Son VG+                      £25.95

Ref.1683 Cannes Golf Club House C.Ea 1900 P.L.Maillan edit.Cannes                   £12.99

Ref.1687 Church Stretton Golf Links & Carding Mill Valley C.1910-20 Nr MINT   £9.99






















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