Blundell Golf Pavilion, Woodvale, Southport. No publisher name on this RARE card, Blundell Golf Club,(Woodvale), Southport, to give the Club its correct name was Founded in 1904. In the early 1930s there were plans for the land, including a new main road to be built across the LMS Railway, by 1935 the Club had vanished & the land was built over. (See Golf's Missing Links Website).Although the card was posted in 1947 someone must have had it for some considerable time which

was quite possible, given WW2 took place in between those dates.  The card is in very good +, posted condition & considerably rare. By the time this card was posted the Club had been Closed for 12 years.!  A great card for any collection.


SOLD> Ref.1425.Blundell Golf Club House,(Woodvale) C.1947 Ref 1425