Young Tom Morris's Grave is situated at St Andrews Cathedral, along with that of his Father close by,Young Tommy died in tragic circumstances,he & his Farther were playing  a challenge match across the Firth of Forth when received a message saying his Wife was gravely ill with the imminent birth of his child & should return at once,  sadly both he & his father were too late, when they arrived back it Tommy's wife & baby were dead. Four months later on Christmas morning, Young Tommy died just 24 years Old, at the time it was said he had died of a broken heart, although the more likely cause was a pulmonary embolism. He won 4 "Open" Championships in succession from 1868 to 1872, there was No Championship in 1871. A card in superb unposted condition, No, STA 708, No publisher name. This card should be in every collector's collection.                                                     Ref.1998

Tommy Morris's Grave C.Ea 1900 Ref.1998