A stunning card Published by Stengal & Co.,39 Redcross Street London E.C.card number 16809,printed at the Dresden Works,this

card is in MINT unused codition & has an undivided back which dates it C.1902-04.An exquisite example.The first few years after foundation in 1890 were turbulant ones for this club,having 3 different Grounds in a short space of time.The 1st  was a nine course at Dunolliebeg,north of the town,used for just 3 years,the 2nd was also a nine hole course  at Polhaminster,this card is an image of the Polhaminster Course,which was used from 1894 until

1904,this card is much rare than those of the Gananvan course,

which survived until 1955 when it closed,being uneconomic to run.

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Oban Golf Links Ref 1254 C.1902-04


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