Kingussie Golf Course & Golf Pavilion, Cairngorm National Park, published by M.Wane & Co., Edinboro'.No.1920.The image shows players on what is probably the 9th Green in 1900-10, as well as people gathering at the Club Pavilion. A RARE card in MINT unposted condition, with a halfpenny inland stamp space & number 53308 to the lower right-hand corner, printed in Saxony. This card is in stunning condition. Looking at the Club's website the Pavilion shown on the card appears to be the original one of 1898 & the card definitely dates from early 1900.RARE POSTCARD. In keeping with our policy, due to acquiring an identical card at a better price, I am able to reduce the price of this card. Wane & Co. Golf postcards are always in demand because the majority date from 1900-05.  I also have a colour Variant of this card listed.                                                                                           Ref.1700

Kingussie Golf Pavilion Ref.1700 C.Pre 1914