Kendal  Golf Links & Pavilion C.1914 published by Francis Frith & Co., Ltd., Reigate No.67379 which dates 1914 the image shows what looks to be a fearsome approach shot to the last Green. Kendal Racecourse Club was founded in 1891 & was located high above the Town on Scout Scar with the original course consisting of 12 holes, six more were added later to complete the 18. At around the turn of the Century, 2 Golf Course existed in Kendal, the Race Course Club & a 9 Hole course named Cunswick, the latter obtaining a lease on around 80 acres of land close to the Town, this Club then adopted the name of Serpentine Golf Club, when a new Club House was built the membership increased rapidly, which led to the eventual closure of the Race Course Club in 1907, with the younger Club absorbing the Members from the older Club & being renamed Kendal Golf Club, so this card is showing the Serpentine Pavilion which is now Kendal G.C.SCARCE CARD. 

Superb Value, for this Historical  card.                     Ref.2558

Kendal Golf Pavilion & Links Ref.2558 C.1914