Dunbar Golf Links C.1903-05   James Braid v J.H.Taylor Exhibition Match Published by William Richie & Sons in their Reliable Series, Number R2584., the lower picture on the card is a Vignette of the Vardon v Braid match, with Braid putting. There are many cards like this one, by that I mean cards which show  Celebrity Golfers but are not always named on the card. The card has 2 Views of Dunbar, one of The Lovers Walk, Dunbar & a second of A Challenge/Exhibition Match between James Braid & J.H.Taylor at Dunbar Golf Links C.1903-05, because the players are unnamed, the cards often go unnoticed when they come up for sale. The card is in very good ++ posted (1907) condition. A RARE find. Whenever I am able to buy a second card at a cheaper price I  can reduce the price of the dearer one, which I have able to do in this case to offer better value.                                                                                                                                                                  Ref.2459

Braid v Taylor Golf Match Dunbar Ref.2459 C.Pre 190