St Andrews Golf Links C.Pre 1901, this card features the 1891 "Open" Champion Hugh Kirkcaldy in the red jacket, he was the younger brother of Andrew Kirkcaldy, who would succeed Tom Morris as the St Andrews Professional in 1910, where he remained until retirement in 1934. The negatives for this series

of Valentines Scottish Studies cards must have been made prior to Hugh Kirkcaldy,s death from Tuberculosis just 8 years after his "Open" triumph in 1891, the majority of the cards you see have undivided backs which suggests they were released between 1902-04, around 6 of the set feature Kirkcaldy, along with his group of golfers. The card is in Very Good + condition, posted in 1908.                                                    Ref.2423 

Hugh Kirkcaldy & Party, St Andrews Ref.2423