Dysart Golf Pavilion C.1905 published by T.G.B. Kirkcaldy Ellenslie Series, an extremely RARE Golf postcard. The Club was founded in 1897 & has quite an interesting history even though it closed in the 1960s. For more information see the Golfs Missing Links website. As long as I have been collecting which is now over 12 years this was always a notoriously difficult card to find, on the occasions, it did come up for sale it always seemed to be in the region of £55.00 £60.00 but after not seeing one for about 5 years, I suddenly found one which is in superb condition & is one with Golfers on the 9th Green.                                                                                    Ref.2336

Dysart Golf Pavilion,Fife Ref.2336 C.1905