Helensburgh Golf Pavilion & 1st Tee Published by W.D.B & Co. showing The Club House & 1st Tee, I believe that this is probably their 1st Club House, being replaced at a later date with the current 2 storey building.Founded in 1893, the course was designed by Tom Morris Snr. Written & franked 1914, it would appear the postage stamp, with a halfpenny space, has fallen off, rather than been removed.The card No.132913 was printed in Saxony & is in Near Fine condition. A Scarce early card.   Footnote.       Helensburgh Golf Pavilion C.Pre 1910 published by The Rapid Printing Co., Ltd., London E.C. with The Swallow & Arrow Trade Mark.No.PS.164-11. This early RARE card is in absolute Mint unposted condition & is the only one I have ever seen in almost 13 years of collecting. Footnote. I can now confirm that this shows the Original Tin Golf Pavilion which the Club sold for £35.00 in 1910 to the Vale of Leven Golf Club. The new 2 storey club House having opened in 1909. a superb piece of golfing history.                                                                   Ref.938

Helensburgh Golf Pavilion .Ref.938 C.1914