Heaton Moor Golf Club was founded in 1892, this card was posted in 1908 but I am certain the image is from around 1903.  I have 2/3 other cards showing the  Pavilion  & background & they all look pretty much the same, this is an early card in this Club's history & probably one of the first ones published. The person posing for the camera could possibly be the Professional, if it is it would be a J.Woodhall who was Professional from 1897 to 1906. The course, which is just outside Stockport, Cheshire still flourishes today. The card is in Fine condition, posted to Paris, with stamp stuck to the card face condition. The card has a glossy linen finish. This is the 2nd of these cards I have had, with the 1st one selling for £65. RARE.                                                                         Ref.2193a                                                                                      

Heaton Moor Golf Pavilion Ref.2193a C.1908