Valentine Series Postcard,probably published by the Club as an Ad card for the Hotel & Golf facilities.John Duncan Dunn was a Scottish Professional who had first been to America at the start of the Golf Boom.In around 1904 he took the position as Secretary/Manager at Hardelot where I presume he may also have coached as he had done in the USA,he went on the write 3 or more
Golf Instruction Books,the best known one being "Natural Golf".He stayed at Hardelot for 4/5 years before returning to the States. The card is in MINT unused condition.There are at least two other cards in this set that feature Duncan Dunn,both of which I have listed,although me is not named on these two cards.Dunn was the Nephew of Willie Dunn Snr of Musselburgh.                     Ref.533

Duncan Dunn, John Hardelot,France Ref 533 C.1904-07