North British Rubber Co., Ltd.Edinburgh.A Golf Ball Ad card C.ea 1900s, among the company's Golf ball brands, were The "Chick"," Big Chick", "Clincher", Diamond Chick", "New Hawk" & "Osprey" Golf Ball's. This is a PART SET of 9  cards from a set of about 12 that I have currently listed, all of which are in superb unposted condition, (some are in absolute MINT condition) they are also listed well below the price you normally see them at (sometimes the high twenties), each card has the Company Logo of a Chick sat on a Golf Ball. When I saw these cards for the first time I thought that they had been trimmed or cropped, the top edge of the borders of the cards vary in-depth, with the side borders fairly consistent, with the odd exception. Each card has a supposedly "Comic" caption & some have Rule numbers. This is a chance to get most cards in the set at a bargain rate. I will send 5 or more cards purchased POST FREE. I am unable to show all the reverse sides of the cards because of the limit of 12 images per listing. Superb Quality.   Should anyone be interested in any card or cards from  this set, I would be happy to split any card or cards from the 9 listed.                            Ref.2789


Golf Ball Ad Card part Set of (9) Ref.2789 1900- 10