Chislehurst Golf Cub Official "Opening" This card, No.2 was possibly Published by Chislehurst Golf Club or a local photographer, as there is no publisher credited on the card, but the event is a Match between A Group of Members of Parliament, which included the then Current Prime Minister A.J.Balfour, reference is made to this in The Chislehurst Club History  Book, the purpose of which was to mark the Clubs Official "Opening". There are only 2 cards, as far as I know, the other card, which I also have listed, is of players on a Green & is numbered (1). The card is Very Good + condition, posted in 1907 & has a few faint spots in the sky area. This is one of many Golf Postcards where the Celebrity players are not always named.                                        Ref.505                                                                                                                 

Chislehurst Golf Course Ref.505 C.1907