Cardross Golf Course, Dumbarton, C.1915 an original vintage postcard of Cardross Golf Links, published by I.J.Mackison, Post Office, Cardross. This RARE card is in absolute MINT Unused condition, apart from having a date written on the reverse side (12.10.15.) the corners are perfect. The image is of the Course (2nd & 5th Greens) there are 4 ladies playing in ankle-length dresses, the card was printed in Great Britain, I believe this is only the second Cardross Golf card I have ever seen. A stunning card. The Club was founded in 1895 &  the course design by Willie Fernie., with later updating by James Braid. The handwritten date makes it 105 years old. SUPERB. !  Due to a recent new acquisition at a reduced cost I am able to reduce this card.                                               Ref.1200                                                                                                                                                  

Cardross Golf Course Ref.1200 C.1915