A set of 6 sports postcards published by Boots Cash Chemists, C.1909.Featuring a golf match between James Braid & 1907 Open Champion Arnaud Massy at Deal, Royal Cinque Ports. All 6 cards sent by a Father whose Son was in a Nursing Home, a Postcard was sent each day from the 19th May to the 24th of May 1912.  A RARE!! Set in Nr. MINT/MINT condition,  which includes  Golf, Braid v Massy at Deal, Cricket, South Africa v Surrey at the Oval, Horse Racing, Steeplechase at Sandown Park,  Hunting, Norfolk Foxhounds Meeting, Rowing, The Judges Box, Henly Regatta & Football, Woolwich Arsenal v Sheffield Wednesday. Price is for The Set of 6, Inc Golf, Football, Woolwich Arsenal v Sheffield Wednesday. Cricket, South Africa v Surrey, The Oval.Horse Racing, Steeplechase, Sandown Park.Hunting, West Norfolk Hounds. Rowing, Henly Regatta, The Judges Box. Ref 762 x  postcards. Ref.762

Braid v Massy Deal C.1909.Ref.762. 6 Sports PCs

  • Catalogue Ref 762