Braid Hills Golf Club House, Edinburgh C.pre 1908 published by M.Wane & Co. Edinbro, posted in 1908. The card is in Fine condition, posted in Chelsea S.W..The Club was founded in 1893 & is one of Edinburgh's Premier Golf Club's. Marshall Wane, born in Manchester in 1833  was only 19 years old when he took up photography, he first operated Studios in the Isle of Man but later moved to Edinburgh, many of his images were used by other photographers inc John McCulloch (Caledonia Series) who is noted fro his many Golf Postcards. When Wane died in 1903 aged 70,the Company was continued by his two Sons.                                                                     Ref.629a

Braid Hills Golf Club House, Edinburgh C.1908Ref.629a C.1908