Original vintage Golf postcard of Braemar Golf Course C.early 1900s,published by The Photochrom Co.Ltd.,London & Tunbridge Wells,card number 60401.All our cards are souced seperately & not purchased in Job Lots,this way we are able to be more selective and offer our customers cards of the highest quality & condition,the only exception to this is where very Rare cards are concearned,in this case because of its rareity,it is not always possible to be choosey This particular card is in MINT unused condition & shows a panoramic view of the Golf Course & River Clunie.The Club was Founded in 1902 but was re-designed by golf Professional Joe Anderson,father of Jesse Valentine the famous Lady golfer of the 30s,when she was ranked No.1 lady Golfer in the World.  Ref.1314


Braemar Golf Course Ref.1314 C.Ea 1900s