Blackpool North Shore Golf Club 22nd October 1909 & Arthur Charles Hubert Latham, a French aviator fly's alongside Blackpool North Shore Golf Pavilion just 4 years after the Club's foundation, the occasion was the first-ever Aviation Meeting to take place in England, there was also a rival event taking place at the same time at Doncaster Racecourse, these meetings were taking place around 3 months after Louis Bleriot had crossed the English Channel for the 1st time, picking up £1000 prize money offered by the Daily Mail. Blackpool Airport runs along the 5th or 6th Fairway of St Annes Old Golf Links, the competitors would take off from here, fly along the seafront to North Shore & circle back to the airfield at St.Annes, a total distance of about 14 miles. In this instance, Latham flew in a storm with Winds of 30 to 40 M.P.H. which were considered to be too dangerous to fly in. There are quite a few cards in this series that feature the North Shore Club House, others of which I have listed. This card was published

by World Graphic Press Ltd. on a William Richie & Sons Reliable Series PC No.2193/1 A RARE CARD!!          Ref.2495

Latham, A,C,H at Blackpool North Shore Golf House Ref.2495 C. Oct.1909