Antrim Golf Pavilion, Northern Ireland C.Ea 1900sPublished by McKeown, Antrim & Printed in Saxony, 3160 Series. The card is in absolute MINT unused Condition & originally came in A Booklet of Postcards produced by a Local Hotel promoting the Area and its attractions. The left edge of the card has a perforated edge so that it could be removed from the Booklet. Other than the Club was in existence around 1910, I have been unable to unearth any other information about this Club. There was a new Antrim Club Founded in 1997. I have since acquired

2 more identical cards to this one at a better price, which has enabled me to reduce the price of this card, this is part of our ongoing policy to bring our customers the best possible value for money & still maintain the highest quality item.       Ref.892                

Antrim Golf Pavilion.Ref 892. C.Early 1900s