A scarce MINT condition unused Set of Harold Swash Align Putting practice Aid  Golf Balls. If you are unfamiliar with this

putting practice Aid.It was a product from the well-known maker of the Align or branding iron Putter range Mr Harold Swash, starting with the easiest ball the centre raised section is roughly half an inch wide, the idea was that you practice with this ball until you have mastered it reasonably well before moving to ball no.2, the raised centre now drops to around a quarter of an inch wide & so until you master the putting stroke or tear your hair out trying, I have no doubt a lot of these were made originally but you rarely see them for sale, particularly in MINT condition as this one is.  It would be fair to say the Align

Putter range became an overnight sensation. I met Harold Swash about 6 years ago at a Senior Open & he kindly Signed the enclosed Album page for me, sadly he died in 2016 aged 83.  Postage for these in the UK will be charged purely at cost.                                                                                  Ref.GM 297


Align Pratice Pure Strike Putting Aid Set of 3 Ref.297