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New & Revised Listings for October 2020

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

Ref.1703 Kingussie Golf Course Par 3 Hole Valentine's MINT condn £11.95

Ref.1334 Kingussie Golf Course C.1906 M.Wane & Co.Edinbro. Nr.Fine £29.95

Ref.1700 Kingussie Golf Course C.pre 1910 M.Wane, Edinbro. Nr Mint. £29.99

Ref.1701 Kingussie Golf Course C.pre 1905-10 Wm.Richie Reliable Ser. MINT £29.99

Ref.1702 Kingussie Golf Course C.1910-18 Valentine's Negative no.78961 Nr Mt.£10.99

Ref.1778 Kingussie Golf Course C. pre 1914 J.Johnstone, Kingussie on Valentine. £22.95

Ref.1073a Kingussie Golf Course C.pre 1914 M.wane & Co Edinbro. Fine unused. £23.95

Ref.2657 Kingussie Golf Course C.1920s Valentine PC for Geo.Crerar, Kingussie. £17.95

Ref.1471 Kingussie Golf Course with Golfers C.1910s Valentine No.78691 MINT. £11.99

Ref.2578 Orkney Golf Links, Kirkwall C.ea 1900s Holmes Silver City. Fine condn. £54.95

3 Rare Silverdale Golf Links Postcards all C.1907-09

Ref.2117a Silverdale Golf Links C.1908-09 The start of Ladies Golf at Silverdale. £29.95

Ref.2485 Leighton Mosses from Silverdale Golf Course C.pre 1914 Lilyland series. £8.95

Ref.2676 Silverdale Golf Links, C.1907-09 J.Simcoe, Kendal card No.3 VG+ RARE. £18.95

5 New or Revised Lelant Golf Links Postcards

Ref.113 Lelant Golf Links & Hayle Towans C.1920-30 card No.33586 Mint cond. £4.99

Ref.383 Lelant Golf Links from the Links Hotel Frith Real Photo series, Mint cond. £7.99

Ref.384 Lelant Golf Links from the Links Hotel Frith real Photo series, Mint cond. £7.99

Ref.573 Lelant Golf Links, C.1930 Frith PC for Frank Lake, Nr Mint cond. £12.95

Ref.544 Lelant Golf Links C.1936 hand written date, Nr Mint unposted. Rare. £19.95

Ref.797 Lelant Golf Links C.1906 Braid v Taylor Match Colour PC Argall's & Co. £33.95

Ref.160 Lelant Golf Links C.1906 Braid v Taylor Match B&W PC Argall's series. £36.95

Ref.572 Lelant Golf Links C.1906 Braid v Taylor Match B&W PC Argall's series. £44.99

8 New & Revised Portpatrick Golf Links Postcards.

Ref.2669 Portpatrick Dunskey Golf House C.1912 pub by R.Tuck & Sons, Nr Fine. £22.95

Ref.2303 Portpatrick Golf Club Houses, J.P.M. series. Nr MINT, Rare Card. £39.95

Ref2550 Portpatrick Golf Links & Club House C.1920s Valentine's VG+ £7.99

Ref.2275a Portpatrick Golf House C.pre 1914 local Photo.J.M.Brownlee Nr Fine. £8.95

Ref.1222a Portpatrick Golf House, Stengal & Co.London No.E.26595 RARE. £8.99

Ref.1840a Portpatrick Golf Club Houses & 1st Tee C.1910s (See Car) Nr MINT. £8.95

Ref.1881 Portpatrick. On the Golf Links, Valentine No.64833 dates 1900-09 VG+. £12.99

Ref.1820 Portpatrick Golf Link & Club House C.1920s Valentine's No. 8595 Fine. £9.99

Rochford 100 Golf Club Postcards 1910-15

Ref.2175a Rochford Hall (Clubhouse) & Links C.1910-15 Mint unposted. £.12.99

Ref.685 Rochford Golf Links C.pre 1906 the "Fairhead" series Fine condition. £18.95

Ref.1396 Rochford Golf Link with players. "Fairhead" series C.1908 Fine cond. £19.99

Killermont Golf Club (The Glasgow Golf Club)

Ref.2635 Killermont PC C.Ea 1900 card No.1947.73. "Putting" in Nr.Mint con. £14.95

Ref.2008a Killermont Golf Club entrance reliable series C.1905-10 No.4059/8. £6.99

Ref.2520 Hartmann Sepia PC Killermont Club Entrance. Owen Meridith, Bromley. £9.95

Ref.1271 C.pre 1914 Killermont Entrance from reverse view Reliable series PC? Mt. £19.95

Wellington Golf Course, Salop New & Revised Cards

Ref.250 Wellington Golf Course,Salop. C.1910-14 Frith series,VG++ F.Frith PC VG+. £7.99

Ref.1830 Wellington Golf Course, Hobson. Frith PC Nr MINT unused C.1910-14. £15.95

Ref.1831 Wellington Golf Course F.Frith, Hobson,1910 MINT Saucer Green. £14.99

Ref.1853 Wellington Golf Course, Valley Green Hobson, F.Frith Nr MINT. £14.99

Ref.1834 Wellington Golf Course, Frying Pan Green. Hobson, F.Frith PC Nr MINT. £15.95

Ref.1835 Wellington Golf Course,Reservoir Green, Hobson, Frith PC Nr Fine/Fine. £14.99

Ref.1323 Wellington Golf Club House, Valentine series,1910-14 Nr MINT. £14.99

Ref.2192a Wellington College from the Golf Links,W.Stackmann,London.MINT. £7.99

Ref.1570 Wellington Golf Club House, Frith series for Hobson Nr MINT. £12.95

Ref.249 Wellington Golf Club House C.1910 Valentine Series No.68185 Nr Fine. £14.95

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