Dornoch Golf Postcard Showcase 1.5.2022

Updated: May 29

Ref.2359a Dornoch Golf Links & Golf Club House C.pre 1904 a Superb card published by

George Washington Wilson posted in 1904 showing players at the 1st Green?


Ref.2201a Dornoch Golf Club House C.1911 Photo by Andrew Paterson, Inverness. A card in Very Good + condition posted from Dornoch in 1922 faint frank mark to top LH corner.


Ref.1115 Dornoch Golf Links Club House & 1st Green published by R.R.Johnstone, Dornoch, another RARE Dornoch card in Mint unposted condition.


Ref.1829 Dornoch Golf Links C.1905-10 published by Gillespie, Dornoch on a William Richie & Sons Reliable Series Postcard in RARE MINT unposted condition, printed in Britain.


Ref.1922 The "Opening" of Dornoch Ladies Golf Links C.1899 by Mrs. Andrew Carnegie who's Husband was Andrew Carnegie, a Scottish American Industrialist & Steel Magnate.

The Ladies course was a 12 Hole course named The "Struie" which eventually extended to 18 Holes. Published in the London. Empire Series, Copyright.An extremely RARE card.


Ref.2250a Titled OUR LOCAL EXPRESS. Dornoch to the Mound & back in one day, published by The Cynicus Publishing Company, Tayport, Fife. C.1903. The card is in Fine unposted condition. Cynicus's Real Name was Martin Anderson, he was a Scottish Artist, Political Cartoonist & Postcard Ilustrator with small offices in Drury Lane, London. The theme on this card is Cricket of course but there was a Series of these cards which also included Golf I believe.


Ref.584 Dornoch Golf Links< Club House & Golf Hotel C.ea 1930s published in Valentines Series negative number 212203 dating from the early 1930s. This card is in Very Good + to Fine unposted condition.


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