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Continued New & Revised Listings for October & November

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

Ref.2650 Port Seton Golf Pavilion & Links C.pre 1914 no publisher name. £35.99

Ref2678 Herne Bay Golf Pavilion & Links C.1906. F.A. Rideout. Fine cond. £6.95

Ref.2665 Carnoustie Links, the 1st Hole superb image. C.1910 R.Tuck. £9.95

Ref.2672 Carnoustie Links the 15h Hole Framed Sepia Series, Fine 1916. £9.95

Ref.1997 Machynlleth Golf Links Layout Plan. By J.R.L inc Hole Yardages. £34.95

Ref.1799 St.Andrews Links W.D.Henderson & Son, MINT 1909 in pencil. £42.95

Ref.2679 Golf Art Easter PC humanised Rabbits Golfing U.S.A.MINT. £3.99

Ref.2653 Hardelot Plage Le Golf 1934 Links Layout Plan with yardages. £17.99

Ref.2636 Liphook Golf Links C.1930s MINT unposted no pub name. £5.99

Ref.2637 Liphook Golf Links C.1930s MINT unused Series B. £5.99

Ref.1964 Oxhey Golf Links C.1930s Ted Ray was Professional here.MINT. £5.99

Charles Crombie & Valentine ( Chas. Crombie)Rules of Golf Comic Postcards.

Ref.849 Rules of Golf No.1 Chas. Crombie on Valentine PCNr Fine 1907. £11.99

Ref.887 Perrier Water Chas.Crombie Rules of Golf No.1PC Nr MINT 1907. £14.95

Ref.889 Chas. Crombie/Valentine Rules of Golf No.1 PC 1905 VG cond. £6.95

Ref.888 Chas. Crombie/ Valentine Rules of Golf No.1 C.1905-7 VG+. £8.95

Ref.1627 Chas. Crombie Rules of Golf Perrier Water series 1906 G.522 VG. £11.95

Ref.886 Chas. Crombie Rules of Golf Perrier Water G.431 series Nr MINT. £11.95

Ref.2667 Chas. Crombie Rules of Golf ser. G.522 Rule 14 Nr MINT un/p £11.95

Ref.2668 Chas. Crombie Rules of Golf No.15 Perrier Water G.522 Nr MINT.£13.95

Ref.2155a Chas. Crombie Rules of Golf No.16 Perrier Water G.522 Nr Mint.£11.95

Ref.1278 Chas. Crombie Rules of Golf No.23 Perrier Water G522 Nr MINT. £11.95

Re.f876 Chas. Crombie Rules of Golf No.33 Perrier Water G431 VG+ 1906 £5.99

A set of 6 A.R.Quinton Golf Courses colour PCs to inc. Seaton, Seaford. Budleigh

Salterton, Crowborough Beacon, Cleeve Hill + 1.

An Assortment of mostly early Golf Postcards, most of which are in Excellent Condition.

Ref.303 6 Colour Golf Postcards by A.R.Quinton in Nr MINT/Mint 1920s, 30s. £25.95

Ref.2663 Bexleyheath Golf Links C.ea 1900s pub by T.Jenkins B/H Nr Mint. £5.99

Ref.510 East Berkshire Golf Links & Wellington College, F.Frith 1908 Nr MINT.£12.99

Ref.151 Wellington New Golf Club House C.1910, Valentine Fine con. £11.99

Ref.2856 Shiskine Golf Club, Blackwaterfoot, Arran. Herald series, Nr MINT. £12.99

Ref.2662 Hardelot Pine Golf Links C.1930s Tom Simpson design.Card No.4. £.5.99

Ref2558 Kendal Golf Course, Cumbria C.1914 F.Frith No.67379 VG+ RARE. £13.99

Ref.2286a Harlech Golf Links, Castle & Pavilion C.1931 F.Frith MINT unused. £5.99

Ref.1870 Golf Art/Ladies Fashion PC C.1902 Premier Series, FINE posted. £12.95

Ref.2560 Royal Ashdown Forest C.ea 1900s Harding photo.VG+ RARE early. £14.95

Tobermory Golf Course, Isle of Mull.

Ref.1632 Tobermory. On the Golf Course J.B.White Nr Mint No.A.3429. £4.99

Ref.1672 Tobermory Golf Pavilion C.1950s-60s Millar & Lang Nr MINT. £3.99

Ref.2684 Tobermory Golf Pavilion C.1950s-60s Millar & Lang Nr.Fine. £2.99

Boat of Garten Golf Course, Inverness.

Ref.624 Boat of Garten Golf Pavilion &1st Tee Ness series by M.W.F & Co.Fine. £19.95

Ref.2611 Boat of Garten Golf Pavilion C.1930s Ness series.M.W.F & Co. MINT. £35.95

Ref.661 Boat of Garten Golf Pavilion/1st Tee Ness series by M.W.F.Nr MINT. £29.95

Kinghorn Golf Links, Fife.

Ref.2545 Kinghorn from the Golf Links, Valentine series 1910-15 Nr MINT. £16.95

Ref.366 Kinghorn Golf Hotel & Golf Club House Wm. Richie & Sons 1905-10. £14.95

Ref.474 Kinghorn Golf Links & 1st Tee Wm.Richie & Sons Reliable series. £9.95

Ref.2664 Kinghorn Golf Links, Wm.Richie & Sons No.2603 MINT unposted. £17.99

New Listings & Price Reductions for Aberdovey Golf Postcards.

Ref.319a Aberdovey Golf Pavilion C.1906 Wrench series PC Nr.Fine. £15.95

Ref.1810 Aberdovey Golf Club House C.1930s-40s? Photochrom Co. MINT. £11.95

Ref.288 Aberdovey Golf Club House C.1930s J.Salmon series No.12348 Nr M. £5.99

Ref.707a Aberdovey Golf Links C.ea 1900s Dainty Series VG++ posted 1932. £17.99

Ref.2300 Aberdovey Links & Trefeddian Hotel Peacock Brand 5743.1906 FINE.£15.95

Ref 1676 Aberdovey Golf Links & Trefeddian Hotel No.2643 Peacock Brand £18.95

Ref.406a Aberdovey Golf Links & Trefeddian Hotel C.1930s Valentine MINT. £5.99

Ref.1195a Aberdovey Golf Club House C.ea 1900s G. Williams card No.60584. £9.99

Ref.353 Aberdovey Links & "Cader" Crater Bunker Wrech series,Fine 1906. £36.95

Ref.1585 Aberdovey Links & "Cader" Crater Bunker Wrench series.MINT £44.99

Ref.2122a Aberdovey Golf House C.ea 1900s colour PC Nr Mint Williams . £6.99

Ref.2301 Aberdovey Links Valentine XL series No.29085.VG++ Rare early card. £25.95

Ref.011 Aberdovey Links C.1925-35 "Cader" Bunker Salmon series MINT. £9.99

Ref.1928 Aberdovey Golf House C.ea 1900s G.Williams. Nr MINT unposted. £7.99

Ref.1482 Aberdovey Links & "Cader" Bunker 1925-35 Salmon series MINT. £10.99

Ref.158 Aberdovey Golf Links & "Pulpit" Tee ( The Patriot) News. Wrench VG+ £24.95

Ref.559 Aberdovey Golf Links Rare Cambrian Railway PC Absolute MINT. £69.95

Ref.292 Aberdovey Golf Links & "Pulpit" Tee 1905 Wrench series VG++ £23.95

New & Revised Listings for Leven Links Golf Clubs.

Ref.521 Leven Links pub by Hartmann, No.4239.4 Rare PC 1906

Ref.1186 Innerleven & Leven Thistle Golf Houses C.1911 Valentine Nr.Fine/Fine £17.99

Ref.2624 Leven Golf Club Houses & 18th Green Davidson & Son 1914 Fine. £11.99

Ref.593 Leven Links & Largo Law (Hill) 1900--05 pub by Malcolm's Stationery. £22.99

Ref.311 Innerleven Golf Houses C.1911 Fine Davidson & Son, Kirkcaldy. £10.99

Ref.177 Leven Links & Scoonie Burn R.Tuck & Sons 1906 VG+ Nr.Fine. £14.95

Ref.585a Inner Leven Club Houses/ 18th Green & Scoonie Burn C.1914 Fine. £12.99

Ref.2337 The Links Leven Valentine's Scarce card, Great condition 1900-05. £24.99

Ref.1772a Innerleven Golf House, 18th Green & Scoonie Burn. Davidson,Fine. £10.99

Ref.1128 Leven Links & Largo Law C.1900-04 unknown pub. RARE early card. £43.95

Inveraray Golf Course New & Reduced Price Listings.

Ref.2631 Inveraray Golf Course & Duniquaich Monument Rare card C.1900-10. £21.95

Ref.1961 Inverary Golf Course & Loch Fyne. C.1930s MINT Valentine A.4412. £3.99

Ref.1595 Inveraray Golf Course & Castle C.1905-10 Wm Richie Reliable ser. £11.95

Ref.2003 Inveraray Golf Course & Duniquaich Monument MINT unused 1905 £34.95

New Listings for Leven Links, (4) Wentworth (2) Helensburgh(1) & Piltdown (1)

Ref.412 Leven Links & Scoonie Burn C.ea 1900 Valentine series MINT. £14.95

Ref.1877 Leven Links from the West RARE Mint PC 1909 W. & A.K. Johnston. £39.95

Ref.096 Largo Law from Thistle Golf House, Leven 1930s Nr.Mint unused. £4.99

Ref.1795 Leven Beach, Lundin Links & Lower Largo looking East G.W.W. RARE £13.95

Ref.411 & 412 Wentworth Golf Course 1924-35 both cards MINT unused. R.A.P. £7.99

Ref.461 Helensburgh (early) Golf Pavilion. Rapid Prit. Co.Ltd. 164-11 Nr Fine. £11.95

Ref.495a Piltdown Golf Course, Sussex C.1930s 16th no publisher name, Nr Mint.£11.99

New Listings of Millport Golf Links, Isle of Cumbrae, Ayrshire.

Ref.2130a Millport Golf Links & Waterworks C.1911 Jas. Baillie VG+ £9.99

Ref.2629 Millport Golf Pavilion & Links C.1910-14 Davidson & Son, Fife VG. £11.99

Ref.2156a Millport Golf Pavilion & 9th Green R.Tuck & Sons VG+ 1911. £17.95

Ref.760a Millport Golf Links C.pre 1914 Fine/ Nr MINT no pub. name.RARE. £34.95

CASTLETOWN GOLF LINKS, Derby Haven Isle of Man Founded in 1892 & Designed by

Tom Morris Snr. A Part Set of 5 RARE Cards. These cards date from the early 1900s &

although 1 was posted in 1938 in think the cards are earlier. they would have been part

of a Brochure published by the Hotel to give to Guests to send to friends etc, thereby giving the Hotel free advertising. I have never seen this set before in 15 years of collecting. I see

this as a Seriously RARE set of cards.

Ref.2429 The 3rd,4th and 15th Fairways, published by the Hotel Nr.Mint. £24.95

Ref.2430 The 16th Green with Fort Island & 6th Century Chapel. FINE.Posted. £24.95

Ref.2431 The 17th Green with the Irish Sea in the background. Nr MINT unused. £24.95

Ref.2432 The 15th Green & Golf Links Hotel in the background. Nr MINT. £24.95

Ref.2433 View from the 2nd Tee showing the Hotel , 1st & 8th Fairways. MINT. £24.95

Ref.1758 Isle of Man published PC of the Links Hotel,links & Fort Island 1906. £21.95

Ref.1974 Castletown Golf Hotel, Links & famous Road Hole C.1959 Nr.MINT. £.7.99

Ref.1977 Castletown Golf Hotel & Links, the Gully Hole C.1953? VG+. £4.99

New Listings for the Golf Memorabilia Section.

SIGNED British Open Golf Championoship Annuals.

Ref.448 A Sandy Lyle hand SIGNED 1985 British Open Golf Championship Annual. £19.95

Ref.446 A Greg Norman SIGNED 1986 British Open Golf Championship Annual. £24.95

Ref.449 A Nick Faldo hand SIGNED 1987 British Open Championship Annual. £24.95

Ref.344 A Mark Calcavecchia SIGNED 1989 British Open Championship Annual. £24.95

Ref.665 A Nick Faldo hand SIGNED 1990 British Open Championship Annual. £24.95

Ref.346 A Ian Baker-Finch SIGNED 1991 British Open Golf Championship Annual £21.99

Ref.552 A Nick Faldo hand SIGNED 1992 British Open Golf Championship Annual £24.95

Ref.124 A Greg Norman SIGNED 1993 British Open Golf Championship Annual. £24.95

Ref.347 A Nick Price hand SIGNED British Open Golf Championship Annual. £24.95

Ref.481 A John Daly hand SIGNED British Open Golf Championship Annual. £24.95

Ref.301 A Tom Lehman hand SIGNED British Open Golf Championship Annual. £19.95

Ref.474 A Justin Leonard hand SIGNED British Opn Golf Championship Annual. £21.95

Ref.354 A Mark O'Meara hand SIGNED British Open Golf Championship Annual. £21.95

Ref.551 A Paul Lawrie SIGNED 1999 British Open Golf Championship Annual. £19.95

Ref.304 A Tiger Woods SIGNED 2000 British Open Golf Championship Annual. £79.95

Ref.553 A David Duval hand SIGNED British Open Golf Championship Annual. £24.94

Ref.067 A Ernie Els hand SIGNED2002 British Open Golf Championship Annual. £24.95

Ref.281 A Ben Curtis hand SIGNED 2003 British Open Golf Championship Annual. £22.95

Ref.775 A Todd Hamilton SIGNED 2004 British Open Golf Championship Annual. £21.95

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