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New Additions for November

Ref.2130a Millport Golf Links & Waterworks C.Pre 1911 pub by James Baillie VG+ condn £9.99

Ref.2418 Harlech Golf Pavilion & Castle C.Ea 1900 pub by H.M.Office of Works Nr Mint. £3.99

Ref.1096 Blairgowrie Golf House, Rosemount C.1940s Valentine Sepiatype series B.1227 £17.99

Ref.2123a Calcot (Park) Golf Course C.1930-35 no publisher name,MINT unposted. £3.95

Ref.2397 Bramshaw Golf Course C.Ea 1900s pub by F.G.O. Stuart VG=/Nr Fine posted. £11.95

Ref.2341 Radyr Golf Pavilion C.1907 pub by Mrs Hughes, Post Office,Radyr VG+/Nr Fine.£23.95

Ref.2334 Burnham Golf Club Headquarters C.1908-10 Monague Cooper V.crease Rare. £3.95

Ref.1277 Burham Links C.1953 A Sweetman, publication, No.51272 VG++ £5.95

Ref.2419 Harlech Golf Pavilion & Castle Peacock Series C.1904 VG posted. £3.95

Ref.2416 Felixstowe Golf Links C.Pre 1914 Photochrom Co.Ltd.Fine unposted condn. £13.95

Ref.2415 Blackwaterfoot Golf Club Houses C.1907 Bannatyne, No.A 46474 Fine condn. £18.99

Ref.2340 Woodhall Spa Golf House C.1902-06 Wrench series No.15491 Fine,Nr Mint. £5.99

Ref.2396 Painswick Golf Course, Nr Stroud C.1920-30 pup. in The Pelham series.MINT. £5.99

Ref.2423 Hugh Kirkcaldy & Golf party C.1890s 1891 "Open" Champion.. VG+ condn. £24.99

Ref.2417 Harlech Golf Pavilion & Castle C.Pre 1914 Maglona series, superb condition. £3.99

Ref.2420 Harlech Golf Links, Castle & Golf Pavilion C.Pre 1909 Grosvenor Series.VG. £1.99

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