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Continuation of November Listings

Ref.1813a Lowestoft's (1st) Golf Club House C.1904 pub by R.Tuck & Sons.VG+ £3.95

Ref.952 Nairn Golf Pavilion & Golf Links C.1900-05 Valentine series Nr MINT £19.95

Ref.903 Burnham-on-Sea Golf Links C.1914-18 Nr.Fine W.H.Bunting,Burnham. £7.99

Ref.938 Helenburgh Golf Pavilion C.1914 pub by W.D.B & Co.VG+ to Nr Fine. £18.95

Ref.947a Oakwood Park Golf Pavilion C.Ea 1900s Founded 1906 RA series PC. £9.95

Ref.1804 Rare Harlech Wrench colour tinted card C.1903-08 Nice condition. £9.95

Ref.1641b Golf Art/Fashion C.1905 Titled "Fore"pub by Reinthal & Newman N.Y. £2.75

Ref.953 Bamburgh Golf Pavilion C.1900-09 Real Photographic PD Nr.Mint £12.99

Ref.1777a Golf Art/Fashion PC Titled My "Partner" C.Ea 1900s MINT unposted. £8.99

Ref.1701 Kingussie 1st Golf Pavilion (?) C.1905-10 Reliable Series Absolute MINT. £29.95

Ref.1675a Knocke Zoute Golf Links C.Ea 1900s Ern.Thill,Bruxeiies. Nr MINT £8.95

Ref.1626 Mullion Golf Club House & Golf Links C.1911,Francis Frith,Reigate. VG+ £12.99

Ref.1822 Dyffryn Golf House,Merioneth C.1913pub by J.Griffith's,Dyffryn N.Wales. £18.95

Ref.739 Prestwick St Nicholas Golf Club House.R.Miller No.2766 VG+ condition. £9.95

Ref.2017a Ladies Golf & Chocolate Ad card C.1906 Absolute MINT condituion. £9.99

Ref.2007a Elie & Earlsferry Golf Course Plan & Yardage Chart,Nr.Fine 1908 RARE. £44.99

Ref.930 RARE Montrose RP P/card Montrose Golf Club Houses,Davidson & Son 1910- £27.95

Ref.1819 Llandovery Golf Pavilion & Course C.1915-30 RA series,London. Nr.MINT. £18.95 Ref.2019 Caerphilly Golf Course C.Ea 1900s,no publisher name,possibly local.VG+. £12.95

Ref.1324 Mitcham Golf Club House C.1930 S & W series 995 Very Good ++ £11.95

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