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Collecting Old & Antique Golf Postcards

Introduction of postcards

Postcards first became popular at the end of the 19th / beginning of the 20th century, mainly as a means of communication. Telephones were not commonplace, so making arrangements by

postcard instantly became popular. Simultaniously, the golf "boom" was taking place in Britain, America & Europe to some extent, so practically every Golf Club was recorded on a postcard and every household had a postcard album. By just collecting these cards people were keeping a record both in time and picture form whilst learning about social history, geography and many other things, not to mention enjoying a most rewarding hobby !

Changing of Golf Club names

For the new collector, finding your way in your new hobby can be daunting and somewhat confusing at the start. Newly formed Golf Clubs often took their names from the nearest town or area they were situated in, but often found they had to change name at a later date. This was mainly due to the majority having short term leases for the land that the courses were built on, resulting in a necesssity to find new land once the lease had expired and therefore having to change the club name too. Obvious examples are, St.Annes-on-Sea Golf Club which is now Royal Lytham, Hoylake Golf Club which is now Royal Liverpool and Brancaster Golf Club which is now Royal West Norfolk, the list is endless.

Effect of the Great War

There was also the effect that World War 1 had on Golf Clubs; many of them closing for the War period or being requisitioned by the Minisry of Defence for crop production in aid of the War effort. Sadly, following the Great War, many clubs found their member numbers so depleted that it was no longer viable for them to continue.

Famous players & celebrities

One of the most difficult areas in the collection of golf postcards is when there are famous players or celebrities featured on the card. Often, at times, these players or celebrities are not named and there are many of these postcards in circulation. At a later stage, I will attempt to identify some of these cards and post some pictures.

Remember the condition of the postcard is always important !

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